A Boutique Winery in Ashland, Oregon

Shelby Platt and Gill Anderson established Platt Anderson Cellars when they moved from Seattle to Ashland in 2012. The winery is located on their residential property in Ashland and is the only winery located within city limits. All of their grapes are hand selected from local vineyards in the Rogue and Umpqua Valleys, with the exception of Pinot Noir grapes, which come from the Willamette Valley. The winery produces 500 cases a year of select varietals including Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Tempranillo, Grenache, Malbec, Sangiovese, and harder to find varietals such as Dolcetto, Albarino and Vermentino. In just a few short years, these wines have proven their quality by bringing home awards from some of the most prestigious wine competitions in the country. However, winning awards isn’t what it’s all about at Platt Anderson Cellars.

The whole process of winemaking — from visiting vineyards as I monitor the grapes, to crushing and pressing and tweaking the juice, along with nurturing the wine and finally bottling and sharing the wine — are all the best moments for me as a winemaker.
~ Gill Anderson, Winemaker

From Accomplished Surgeon to Successful Winemaker

After retiring from medicine, Gill enrolled in the three-year Wine Technology Program at South Seattle Community College. Through this program, Gill learned the nuances of the winemaking process. He gained a great deal of respect for the grapes, how they need to be handled gently throughout the winemaking process. He learned the subtle differences in how each varietal has been processed through the ages, and the profound affect that these subtleties have on the finished wine. In addition to following age-old wisdom, Gill learned to use modern laboratory analysis to monitor each step of the process, from juice to wine, and make corrections if necessary. After graduating from the program, Gill joined the staff as Assistant Instructor and Cellarmaster. He held that position until he and Shelby moved to Ashland in 2012.

Platt and Anderson Make a Great Team

The winery is Gill’s passion, but Shelby, who has a very refined (or as she says, picky) palette, provides invaluable input. She also helps with label design and greatly enjoys pouring and talking to people at wine tastings – listening to what they have to say about the wine. Shelby was also surprised to find that she loves the hard work of unloading a truck of new grapes. She and Gill can unload half a ton using buckets in seven minutes! Shelby and Gill are extremely active volunteers in the community and support a wide range of community organizations with the proceeds from the winery. They will also deliver wine orders in Ashland on their electric bicycles.